• Creating a Conclusion of a Research Paper on Consumer Buying Behavior


    In many ways, marketing essays are all research papers. After all, examining trends and making financial forecasts requires the writer to possess a relatively deep understanding of whatever it is they’re discussing. As a student of business, it’s not just important that you study diligently. You need to be able to drive an overarching message home in your writing so that your teachers know you’re confident in demonstrating what you’ve learned before you head out into the wide world of commerce and begin making economic choices with far-ranging impact!

    Know the Stakes

    The best way to test your mettle is to try to ensure that every paper you pen concludes as strongly as possible. As you likely already know, the final paragraph in most essays is dedicated to tying everything together and doubling down on your overall statement. The difficult task of final paragraphs is to make the reader feel like everything they read beforehand was leading up to one big sweeping finale.

    Zero In

    In business, that sweeping finale probably has something to do with an analysis of the current and ongoing within a given company, industry, or country. Consumer buying behavior can apply to any of the above. How best to hammer home the message with something so analytical? You’ll want to restate things found in your introductory paragraph; now, with the benefit of example-based context, your reader should have a thorough understanding of the subject and you will use the body paragraphs as evidence to support your claims. (If you need help flavoring the rest of the paper, this website can guide you in the right direction.)

    Suppose your paper pertains to permutations in spending habits of a certain outlet mall’s top five retail chains over the course of a thirty-six-month phase. Perhaps your research indicates that national economic conditions during the second holiday season drastically reduced profit in four of those five locations, but the fifth outperformed its previous year by an appreciable margin. Maybe you’re taking this data and writing an essay on why that fifth competitor did so well and what can be learned from it. Or maybe you’re more broadly focused, looking to the five companies’ profits in the third year and illustrating that national economic conditions had improved enough to deliver strong results for everyone.

    Either way, your conclusion should focus on ensuring the reader understands what you were getting at. There should be little room for argument of representative data in a proper business paper, so be thorough!

    Finish Well

    More than anything, your objective with any conclusion is to leave your audience feeling satisfied. Don’t let lingering questions remain unanswered (unless it’s intentional). Don’t let certain aspects of your message require too much supplemental reading – dig deeply into your research to compile a truly exhaustive piece. If there’s a firm word limit and you’re at risk of topping it, consider condensing sentences and developing better flow in your body paragraphs. Devote however much time is necessary to your conclusion in order to end things strongly.

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